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Our New Home & House Cleaning Rates for 2019Cost of Maid ServiceMany of our clients always wonder about the estimated price of our cleaning service. We tell them, we can give you a ball park figure, especially when our clients are moving out of their place.Now, if you are a new client looking for the best maid cleaning prices in texas, them you’ve come to the place. We not only have the most competitive, and most affordable pricing, that our customers keeps coming back for more & more.Our Cost Of Maid Service is as followed:2 maids for $75an hour + state tax3 maids for $125 an hour + state taxOur maid service includes most general and light cleaning like for example:dustingvacuumingwiping down baseboards, and window sillsgeneral cleaning of your bathroomsThe Cost of Maid Service includes most of the above; (as long as it stays within the time frame)Return To Home Page | Need Ewabeach Maid Service? |  How Much Does a Maid Service Cost? | New 2019 Cleaning Rates  |  Maid in Houston  | My Maid Service  |  Part Time Maid Services  |  House Cleaning Houston  |  Residential Maid Service  |  Move Out Cleaning Cost  |

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